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At Impact Church, we endeavor to live out our Purpose Statement: "We are a Family of Friends, who Passionately Love God, and seek to Share His Love with those who know Him and those who don't, as we Grow Together to be like Christ." Our goal for everyone 

1. Family of Friends - Create an environment that allows us and others to get to KNOW GOD.
2. Passionately Love God - Create an environment that allows us to DISCOVER PURPOSE.
3. Grow Together - Create an environment that allows us to FIND FREEDOM.
4. Share His Love - Create an environment that allows us the MAKE A DIFFERENCE is fourfold:

It's impossible for us to completely reach our goal for everyone - Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference - during our weekly services. For instance, it's hard to experience true fellowship in crowded lobbies, where people are hurriedly making it to their cars to exit the parking lot.

That's why Small Groups are perfect. They allow members to connect in an atmosphere that's perfect for intimate worship, regular fellowship, close discipleship, targeted service, and widespread evangelism.

Small groups make our large church small and allow people to Live Life Together. So, it's not uncommon for individuals to become closer to members in their small group than members of their own natural family. Small Groups are the life blood of our church!

We remain committed to seeing the fourfold purpose deepened in the church, small groups and each individual life.

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You can also attend the next Small Group Leader Training event where we will help you find or form a group. For more information, email us at